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About Me
In the Favorites section, I have too many favorites to mention, so I try to limit myself to a max. of 5. My only exception is the books section; what's a bookworm to do. : )

Me & my friend's little sister, Maeve!

Name: Laura
Nicknames: Chiggers (abbreviated), Chigger Wiggers (my dad makes up the wierdest nicknames)
Birthday: December 2, 1990 (hint: I have no problem with presents)
Age: 12
Nationality: American, but I'm Cantonese by blood (it's kind of complicated to explain) You could say that I'm Chinese-American.
Hometown: Hong Kong Island, China (don't know where that is? Go find it!)
Siblings: younger brother, Ryan, 9
Best Friend: Antonia
Languages I know: English (duh; what am I writing in?), Mandarin & I can understand some Cantonese, but I can't speak it.
Appearance: 5"1, really wavy Brown-black hair (not blue-black) that goes about an inch & a half below my shoulders, brown eyes, glasses & very tanned skin. I basically look like your average Asian person. Chinese people do NOT have pale gothic-type skin as some people believe.
Pets: my Bichon Frise that I got as a X-mas present 2 years ago, a hamster, 2 lovebirds & a finch.
Favorite color(s): blue, purple, turquoise & silver
Favorite food(s): real Chinese food
Favorite book(s): Sabriel, Lirael, Abhorsen & Shade's Children (all by Garth Nix), Phillip Pullmans's Dark Materials Trilogy, the Redwall Series (all 14 by Brian Jaques), anything by Anne McCaffery & Trilogy of the Rings (LOTR)
Favorite Music: Spirit Soundtrack, Avril Lavigne's album Let Go & anything by Jason Ingram or Mandy Moore
Favorite Animal(s): Dogs & Horses (I can recognize most breeds of dog & every dog in my apartment block by name)
Favortie Movie(s) & TV show(s): for movies, Catch me if You can, Lord of the Rings 1 & 2, The Man in the Iron Mask. For TV shows (the little bit of TV I watch), Friends.
Favorite Actor(s): Leo di Caprio, Orlando Bloom (as Legolas mostly), Elijah Wood (I'm a little obsessed with LOTR) & Matthew Perry (he's so funny).
Favorite Actress(es): Courtney Cox Arquette, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow (I'm also obsessed with Friends) & Liv Tyler
Things I dislike:
People who: are racist, sexist& mean
Food & medicine(s): bland mushrooms (if they have some flavor, I'll eat them), eggplant, celery (it smells & tastes so strong!) liquid echinneacea (I know it's not exactly food, but it's totally disgusting!), Evening Primrose Oil (it smells & tastes like overly strong cinnamon & is rather overwhelming), mind-bogglingly large pills
Colors: dull colors, anything neon or too bright